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  • New Malborough Campus

  • Chief Servant's Awarded:
    Mr Pardon Mugari 1ST runner up in the Business of the Year Catergory.

  • Our Vision:
    To make science education a unique experience through educational and research centres in Zimbabwe,the SADC Region and Africa.

  • Hilbright Science College enrolment is still in Progress
    Register for your child to study at Hilbright Science College .

  • Our Mission:
    To produce God fearing, innovative Scientists with both Skill and Morals.

  • Half Term Break:
    We give our students a breathing chance during the mid-term.

  • Our Innovation:
    We have designed experimental kits for 'O' and 'A' Level Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Students can purchase kits and do practicals on their own at home. Experiments modules in Biology and Chemistry for use with experiment kits. Mobile experiment kits for tutors to use for home practicals which are returnable for refilling. A'Level in one year, Electronic Engineering at O'Level and A'Level. Entrepreneurship training.

Why Hilbright Science College?

Hilbright Science college is a private school that aims to establish unique science education and research colleges throughout Zimbabwe, the SADC region and Africa. It has made magnificient strides of success and excellence over the years. The college has brought a new wave of honesty and transparency and hard work into the modern colleges. Through academic excellence and great emphasis on spiritual morality.

"To learn Science through human interpretation alone is to obtain a false education, but to learn of God and Christ is to learn the science of Heaven. The confusion in education has come because the wisdom and knowledge of God has not been exalted." CT447.1 EDUCATION Ellen G White

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